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Welcome to the FPTI Affiliate Program! Our affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity for individuals or entities to earn passive income by promoting our renowned personal training programs.




Unlock a world of exciting benefits and opportunities by becoming a valued partner in our Affiliate Program

  • Lucrative Commissions

    Joining our affiliate program offers the potential to earn generous commissions for every successful signup. As our programs are highly sought-after, your efforts can lead to substantial passive income.

  • No Startup Costs

    You can begin promoting our programs right away without worrying about any initial costs. This allows you to jump-start your affiliate journey with ease and start earning commissions from day one.

  • Long-Term Growth Potential

    We offer scalability and the potential for long-term growth. As you build a loyal audience and attract more referrals, your income potential grows, creating a sustainable source of passive income.

  • Transparency

    Our advanced affiliate tracking system provides real-time access to accurate reports on your referral activities, conversions, and commissions. Trustworthy and rewarding partnership guaranteed.

  • Reputable Brand

    As an affiliate, you'll be associated with a New York licensed school and nationally accredited institution. Partnering with a reputable brand like ours enhances your credibility and trustworthiness.

  • Ongoing Support

    We're committed to your success as an affiliate. You'll have access to dedicated support and resources, including marketing materials, to help you effectively promote our programs and maximize your earnings.

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  • Sign Up

    Register as an affiliate and receive your unique tracking link.

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  • Promote

    Share your affiliate link with your audience through social media, blog posts, and more.

  • Earn Commissions

    For every successful course completion that signs up using your link, you earn generous commissions.


How does the FPTI affiliate program work?

The FPTI affiliate program is a marketing initiative that allows individuals or entities to promote our personal training programs and earn commissions for each successful referral. Affiliates receive a unique referral link that tracks the leads they generate. When someone signs up for our programs through their link, the affiliate earns a commission.

What kind of support do affiliates receive from FPTI?

We provide comprehensive support to our affiliates, including access to marketing materials, promotional assets, and personalized guidance from our affiliate management team. We're committed to helping our affiliates succeed.

How are affiliate commissions calculated and paid?

Affiliates earn commissions based on the number of successful signups they make. The commission structure and payment details will be clearly outlined in our affiliate agreement. Commissions are paid out at regular intervals through a secure and reliable payment method.

Can I become an FPTI affiliate if I'm not in fitness or personal training?

Yes, you can! Our affiliate program is open to individuals from various backgrounds who have an interest in promoting our personal training programs and the betterment of our lives. While having knowledge of fitness is beneficial, it's not a prerequisite to becoming an affiliate. We welcome anyone with a passion for our offerings to join our affiliate team.

What sets the FPTI affiliate program apart from others in the industry?

At FPTI, our affiliate program stands out for its transparency, generous commission structure, and strong support system. We prioritize our affiliates' success by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to thrive in their promotional efforts. Additionally, our nationally accredited and licensed status lends credibility and trust to our program, making it an appealing choice for potential affiliates.


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